Photography Masterclass

The Best Online Professional Photography Class: How to Take Amazing Photos for Beginners & Advanced Photographers

Some Examples

You will know how to photograph in different scenarios like family portraits, landscapes, aerial, product, wildlife, and much more

What you gonna learn

Many Useful
You will know how the camera truly works, so you can take better photos using manual settings
You will know how to
compose images beautifully with basic photography rules
You will know how
to edit your photos like a professional

Basics need

Collapsible Reflector

A reflector is best friend to the still-shot photographers of the world, especially for subject matter like portraits, products, or food. Impact’s 5-in-1 collapsible reflectors are super versatile for use either in the studio or out on location

Camera Bag

A good camera bag is a necessity. It will be heavily used, so put some thought into what’ll serve someone best. Lowepro is a good place to start, since the company offers just about any style of carrying case a person could need.


Every photographer needs a tripod. Whether you decide to shell out a lot or a little, having something to safely stabilize a camera is a must-have for certain kinds of shots.

This is an excellent, cost-effective and very comprehensive course and I'm so glad to enroll in the class. Even though I don't have any equipments, I've learned so much from the basics that I might choose to have a DLSR or mirrorless camera in the future. I'm so grateful to have the 3 committed instructors spending and sharing lot of knowledge. Again, thanks and this course is highly recommended!
Jessey Kirk, Shootit